Feeling lost when it comes to all things biz finances?

You don’t have to be in the trenches of your finances day in & day out to understand them… but you DO need to understand them to keep your biz dreams alive + well.

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It’s time to take DIY bookkeeping off your plate, so you can really step into your role of CFO.

As a creative entrepreneur, I know you didn’t start your own business to become a DIY Bookkeeper.

You did it to fearlessly pursue your DREAM.

But, the truth is, to build and run a legitimate business (and act like a true CEO), that means you have to know what the heck is going on in your biz finances. And not just taxes, but with budgeting, forecasting, expenses, your offers, and your income.

It’s the only way to keep your business healthy, growing, and profitable, so you can continue serving others in a way NOBODY else can, and living your dream life.

Stepping into your role as CFO might sound like a BIG undertaking...

...but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming as you think.

And once you do, it’ll open up SO many more doors for you + your biz than you ever imagined possible.

You get to be CFO, and I’ll be your own bookkeeper.

As CFO, you’re in charge of the direction and decisions of your finances to move your business closer to where you want to go. And with me as your bookkeeper by your side, I help you execute that direction by overseeing your finances every step of the way so you’re on the right track to getting there.

The best way to ensure you know exactly what’s going on with your finances, is to hire someone to take it off your plate. But not just anyone...

You need an expert who can make bookkeeping fun (yes, actually!) and teach you the meaning behind your numbers, so you can...

See your finances with a birds eye view you can make the most educated, strategic business decisions that will ultimately make you more profitable.

Understand what’s going on in your books

...without being responsible for the tedious work of ensuring your numbers add up every month.

Feel confident, empowered, & relieved

...knowing your finances are consistently done right by a professional CPA + bookkeeper.

Well, friend—that’s where I come in 😉

 CPA here to the rescue.

Bookkeeper, spicy wing, numbers gal extraordinaire!

You’re already a powerhouse CEO, changing lives left and right in your business.

Imagine how much MORE you can do when you fully understand what's going on with your money—and knowing that it’s in good hands 24/7.

My bookkeeping services are straightforward, to the point, and made SIMPLE, because the last thing your finances should be is overwhelming and over-complicated.

I’ll teach you how to tell your money where to go, so you don’t have to wonder where it went… or what the heck to do with it.


Monthly Bookkeeping
My Signature Service!


For the business-owner who’s ready to get their finances figured out for good.


 Categorization of revenue by type & expense by category: Get the FULL picture of what’s going on with your money, in a simple, easy-to-understand way.

 Monthly visual reporting: A visual breakdown of how your business is performing overall, and to make more accurate estimates and projections.

 1:1 Voxer support: For any one-off questions you have outside of our monthly email check-ins.

Starting at $499/mo.


VIP Services
Monthly Bookkeeping Upgrade!


For the business-owner who’s looking for more in-depth, 1:1 support.


Everything in Monthly Bookkeeping, PLUS...

Monthly 1:1 intensive calls with yours truly: Feel supported in your pursuit of stepping into the role of confident CFO.

 Monthly budgeting & forecasting: Gain a more in-depth look at your biz finances so you can make smart + informed decisions to get more money in your pocket.

 Customized financial plan to fit your needs & goals: Having a clear plan of action will help you achieve your biz & financial goals easier & faster.

Starting at $999/mo.


Working with Megan is one of the best business investments you’ll ever make! Worth. Every. Penny.

"The financial aspects of business are not my strong suit and always an area of stress and feeling like I’m missing something, something IMPORTANT. Your help allows me peace of mind knowing what’s coming in and coming out. You’re helping me understand where I’m at and how to get to where I need to be. It’s invaluable to me."

- Becca Tuttle
Wedding Planner & Business Coach

Once you officially sign on as a client (yay!), we’ll start with a Kickoff Call, where we’ll get everything set up for me to take over your bookkeeping! We’ll make sure that I have view-only access to your Stripe, PayPal, and bank accounts. We’ll also set your business up in our preferred accounting software, Xero!

You can expect an email from my team around the 1st of each month with questions relating to transactions we are unfamiliar with. It’s a totally normal part of the process! Monthly financial and visual reporting will be delivered no later than the 15th day of the following month. (So, March bookkeeping numbers will be delivered by April 15th!)

You’ll have access to me and my team for any ongoing communication between our monthly email check-ins, and M–F Voxer access (a texting & walkie talkie app!) We encourage you to use these modes of communication for any one-off questions that come up from time to time.

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Hiring Megan has been the best decision I have made in my life and business so far.

"It’s time to hire Megan. While it may be intimidating at first, commit to one month & let her show you how your business is doing. You will either be pleasantly surprised and get a fire under you to keep going or you will be able to asses what can change and how to positively move forward in a way where you CAN find success and profit and make your hard work pay off. Working with Megan would be the first thing I would recommend outsourcing so you can take the reins and focus on the things that you do best!"

- Maddison Trester

Ready to finally stop losing sleep over spreadsheets?

I’d love to support you in stepping into your role of confident + empowered CEO and CFO by taking bookkeeping off your plate!


Xero is the yin to our yang.

On our kickoff call, we set our clients up in Xero to keep their books in tip top shape. 

 Simple and straightforward platform

 Powerful, custom reporting


Connects with your payment platforms and banking seamlessly