Bookkeeping Resources For Entrepreneurs

Feel confident & in control of your finances and where they can take you.

Whether or not you decide to outsource your bookkeeping to a pro (like yours truly!), it's still super critical for entrepreneurs to learn how to be intentional with their biz finances. The more you learn, the more capable and confident you’ll feel to actually pay yourself, and avoid waiting until tax time to know your numbers.


Outside of bookkeeping, there’s nothing I love more than educating creative business-owners like you in the most important things you need to know about all things money—from bookkeeping to income, preparing for taxes, and more.

Browse my handy-dandy collection of bookkeeping tools, guides, and resources below, so you can take care of your finances on your own terms:

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How To Pay Yourself Consistently With Inconsistent Income


Feel like you’ll just live off of ramen until the revenue hits that coveted “six-figures?” Think again. Just because your income is inconsistent at times (which is TOTALLY normal and ok!), doesn’t mean you can’t pay yourself those well-earned dolla dolla bills.

The Ultimate Bookkeeping Checklist For Creatives


You don’t have to be left-brained to manage your finances. I’ve taken the overwhelm out of bookkeeping with the ULTIMATE checklist for creatives like you, so you can confidently know your finances backwards and forwards...

...without giving up a lick of your creativity!

 Income Projection Tool

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Map out your year—including your offers, investments, goals and more—with this 4-year income projection tool!

This Google Sheet template is organized by income category or type, and will help you track things like:

How much will your sales be based on the clients/services you currently have booked?

 What offers are your ideal clients purchasing?

 How many more offers/clients do you need to hit your financial goals?

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Mileage Tracker

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Keep track of your business miles driven so you can save more at tax time.

This Google Sheet template includes:

 A short intro to the business mileage deduction and how it can save you 💰

 Your personal tracker that will live in Google Drive, so you can update in real time throughout the year

 Estimate of yearly business mileage deduction

 Free updates each year!

 No monthly app fee

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Looking for more hands-on support to simplify your finances and make your money work for you?